Together we can overcome challenges

In current times access to the right resources when you need them has become more crucial than ever. The so called "war for talent", tailor made products and highly diversified/fragmented markets change the healthcare industry quickly. Organizations are faced with challenges such as:

  • the need to fill vacant positions quickly
  • access to expertise and knowhow
  • extension of resources for periods of high workload and for specific projects
  • receiving unbiased opinions from experts for strategic decisions

No matter which of the above you are facing - we partner with you to find the perfect solution!


Services we provide

Interim Management
In our fast-paced world it is vital to have the right resources. pharmBridge® can be a game changer for you by offering the right expertise at the right time. We are innovators and have the capability to step in, even on short notice and bridge gaps during either a recruitment cycle or for a specific project that is in need for specialized skills. We are highly experienced and qualified in the pharmaceutical industry, and can take over any interim position in the field of plant management, production management, leadership functions, and project management.

Get in touch and learn more about our skills, for example:

  • Temporary senior leadership on demand
  • Operations and line management (quality, technology, etc.) as required 
  • Legal representatives (incl. Geschäftsführer) to bridge gaps
CMO Management
Outsourcing of manufacturing is becoming more and more important in the pharmaceutical environment. CMOs are a substantial part within your supply chain and can heavily influence the availability of your product on the market. CMO management is therefore crucial for your business. With our long history of working for and with CMOs we know what is important for your success and speed to market. We use our knowledge to help you manage your CMOs and build a relationship that will ensure your market supply throughout the product life cycle.

Contact us for more details on:

  • Supplier selection and due diligence
  • Technology transfer and person in plant
  • Contract management (CSA & QAA)
  • Commercial management (demand - delivery - performance)
Project Management
With many years of experience and the use of internationally recognized project management standards (PMI and Lean/Six-Sigma) we support you to complete your projects on time, within budget and to the expected quality. Our expertise lies within the field of technology transfers such as establishment of production processes or set-up of new production spaces, process optimization with focus on gaining efficiency and saving cost as well as managing change.

Approach us to learn more about how we can help make your project(s) a success:

  • Project management based on PMI and Lean/Six-Sigma standards
  • Technology and product transfers
  • Product establishment and scale-up
  • Cost and efficiency optimization
Supply Strategy Definition & Optimization
Having managed and directed several different departments and all aspects within a form/fill/finish manufacturer we know exactly what it takes to set-up a successful pharmaceutical organization. With our experience in plant and production management, make vs. buy decisions and contracting we can help you define your future strategy for success. Whether you need support within the field of supply chain safety or want to look at the bigger picture, we are there to support you to grow faster.

Reach out if you would like to understand which way we can pave for you:

  • Design and implementation of an efficient, reliable product supply
  • Make vs. buy analysis
  • Risk mitigation and improved continuity of supply
  • Supplier selection